Internet Music Expert Service

AI licensing

NIM legally protects your copyright through secure registration. It uses its advanced music DNA analysis to license your music to AI companies, ensuring you are repeatedly paid for what AI has calculated from your creativity. .

By leveraging NIM’s blockchain-based infrastructure and innovative services, copyright owners can receive fair compensation for using their songs’ metadata in AI-generated compositions.

The platform’s transparent tracking of metadata provenance, automated royalty calculation and distribution, and comprehensive reporting features ensure that copyright owners are rewarded for their intellectual property’s contribution to AI music generation.

IMES’s AI services help music metadata owners discover and register previously unknown metadata, unlocking new opportunities for monetization and protection. Here’s how:

  1. Audio and Lyrical Analysis.
  2. Metadata Matching and Verification.
  3. Registration and Staking.
  4. Enhanced Discoverability and Monetization.
  5. Continuous Enrichment and Updates.

Copyright holders can uncover hidden value within their music catalogs, protect their intellectual property, and expand their monetization opportunities. 

Subscription Choices

The subscriptions charters for all services from free to advanced deep web analytics

NIM Utility Tokens (NUT)

Test it out by paying for the subscription in free NUTs during our beta testing.
Internet Music Expert Service
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